Dream Job


As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in computers. Whether I’m building them, using them as tools for art and graphic design, or playing video games, they’ve always been in my life. I can’t imagine not using such a powerful machine in my day to day job. I even held a graphic design job for over five years with a successful audiobook publisher. But the days of print design are fading fast.

With content constantly going digital, the demand for graphic designers has receded. This ultimately led me to explore my design prowess in a more digital medium. I started looking at all digital mediums as works of art; video games, websites, digital magazines and newspapers, smartphone apps… There are just so many options.

The option that appealed most to me was web design. I love the idea of creating something that anyone can access. Something can be accessed across multiple platforms and can be modified at will. To create ever-evolving works of art that can transcend time.


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