In 2005, I was offered my first job working in an office. It was a small (at the time) audiobook publisher working on the production team. I took control over printing and burning the discs for the audiobooks.

At the start, our audio engineer would design the disc labels for the CDs and our resident graphic designer designed all of our audiobook covers. Before long, our audio engineer’s workload increased and I offered to take over producing the disc labels.

I started adding more graphical elements to the labels to make more visually appealing. Our graphic designer took notice and he asked if I was interested in helping him out with covers. After a mere ten months on the job, I was offered a Junior Graphic Designer position.

The company I worked for offered three versions of their audiobooks and each package was a different size and shape. I started helping out our graphic designer by translating his designs into these packages while maintaining the disc label duty. Within a year I was producing my own designs and was promoted to Graphic Designer.

Working as a professional graphic designer for over six years, I have gained an expansive knowledge of software, hardware, and design. My knack for technology and my thirst for knowledge have lent itself well to transition my creativity from traditional mediums to digital. I have strong proficiencies in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat), CorelDraw, and Office 365.

One of my greatest strengths is my problem solving skills. Be it teaching myself XML to automate a catalog or creating InDesign templates to more efficiently produce a book cover, I quickly find solutions to time-consuming tasks.

I am currently enrolled in college at Middlesex Community College and transitioning my major into web design.


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